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            Location:HomeAbout UsCore philosophy

            • Core Value:

              Customer value:  customer-oriented, customer requirements must be satisfied.

              Quality value: zero defect, zero complain and zero return.

              Talents value: Impartiality, integrity, survival of the fittest

              Cost value: Nothing impossible, there's a better way.

              Product value: Though it is only one meter wide, we explored to a thousand meter deep, making the subdivided products to excellence.

              Occupational value:  Be diligent and loyal, serving the country through industrial development.

            • Code of conduct:

              Business philosophy: steady management, continuous development, the creation of a hundred years enterprise.

              Market concept: there is no off-season market, only the light season thought.

              Communication concept: only on methods, not talking about right and wrong, solving problems effectively.

              Work style: conscientious, fast, adhere to the promise, never find excuses.

              Work ideas: complex problems simple, simple things to repeat.

              The way of thinking: introverted thinking, digital speech, and results oriented.

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