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            Location:HomeAbout UsHistory

            • 2017

              Founded Nanchang BYD Electronic; 

              Founded Jiangxi(Xinfeng)BYD Electronic; 

              CCM increase production lines;

              FPC/PCB increase production lines;

              Acquisition of Zhuhai Coslight Battery part of the equity.

            • 2016

              M&A Morningstar Optronics.

              ,BR、CCM、CG increase production lines.

            • 2015

              CG3 increase production lines,

              Large-scale production of  E- paper,

              Force touch into R&D and production.

              TFT、TLI、CG、BL、FPC increase production lines.

              Division Established BR/CCM.

              M&A EACH/PINGBO/BYD electronic.

            • 2014

              GT/H-ink/intelligent wear production line was 

              establishment,TFT and FPC profiles.

              The joint chemical (002217) successful 

              backdoor listing.

              Fingerprint recognition product line was 


            • 2013

              In 2013 January,

              The third capacitive touch photo process 

              production line was established.

              In 2013 March,

              The original TW production line is changed to 

              CTP5 production of flat computer capacitance 


              In 2013 April,

              The backlight(BL) division is established.

              In 2013 May,

              MDS division expansion and relocation to Jizhou 

              District of Ji’an city.

            • 2012

              In 2012 January,

              Cover Glass into production line.

              In 2012 October,

              OGS new factory building and OGS-CTP 

              automatic into production line.

              In 2012 December,

              Officially changed its name to“Jiangxi Holitech 

              Technology Co.,ltd”.

            • 2011

              In 2011 April,

              Jiangxi Holitech won the national high-tech enterprise 


              In 2011 May,

              The second capacitive touch panel production line was 


              In 2011 December,

              The MDS R&D group and MDSproduction line was 


            • 2010

              In 2010 May, 

              3D eye glasses product development project group was 

              established , set up 3D eye lens production lines.

              In 2010 June, 

              LCD plastic product development project group was 

              established, set up the plastic LCD production lines.

              In 2010 Ocober, 

              Holitech’s first FPC production line was established.

              In 2010 December, 

              The first capacitive touch panel production line was 


            • 2009

              In 2009 April,

              TOUCH WINDOWS (TW) into production line.

              In 2009 May,

              Industrial Park 4000 square meters of factory 

              buildings into use.A TN/STN LCD production line 

              was established.

              In 2009 June,

              Two fully automatic COG production lines is 


              In 2009 August,

              FPC workshop was invested in the establishment.

            • 2008

              In 2008 January,

              The ISO14000:2004 quality system certification.

              In 2008 December,

              Successfully passed the audit of Ts16949:2002 


            • 2007

              In 2007 February,

              Resistive touch screen (TP) 

              production line officially began mass 


              In 2007 May,

              TFT production line to begin production.

            • 2006

              In 2006 October,

              Jiangxi Holitech LCD Industry Park (phase I) 


              In 2006 December,

              The production of second STN production line 

              has begun.

            • 2005

              In 2005 April, 

              LCM division the production of black and white 

              display module was formationed.

            • 2004

              In 2004 January, 

              Holitech Microelectronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. 

              officially established.

              In 2004 March, 

              Holitech established the first LCD professional production line.

              In 2004 June, 

              Holitech Microelectronics (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. 

              was founded and registered, won the ISO9001:2000 certification.

              In 2004 July, 

              LCM operation center and control board design center was established.

              In 2004 August, 

              Jiangxi Holitech Microelectronics Co., Ltd. was founded and registere

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